The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) welcomes that you are taking into consideration KOICA as a possible cooperation partner for the socio-economic development of Guatemala.

To better serve your needs, we would like to encourage you to take the following steps when you wish to request projects to KOICA.

First, please fill out the "Project Concept Paper" (PCP) attached underneath providing as much information as possible to let us have a better understanding of your needs and request. Your project proposals can be national, departmental, municipal, or community level once your proposal is to improve socio-economic situations of Guatemala. If you have already prepared your project proposals ussing different formats from the PCP but included most of the information we require in the PCP, we may accept your proposals. If you wish to consult with us about your projects before you prepare your proposals,we welcome it as well.

Second, please deliver the PCP to KOICA through the official channel. Since we provide our cooperation projects on the basis of government`s request, you are kindly advised to have relevant Ministries, government institutes and local governments deliver your PCP to KOICA via SEGEPLAN and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This procedure is to respect the Guatemalan goverment`s role in assuming ownership  and coordinating the development cooperation projects carried out in its territory.

Our focused cooperation areas encompass among others, but not limited to, education, health and sanitation, and rural development. Taking it into account that the development should be integral or comprehensive if it be sustainable, we try to have our projects include the components of infrastructure and capacity building whenever it is possible and necessary.

For further information, please contact us.
Phone. 2382-4061/2   Fax. 2382-4063

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Currently the KOICA Guatemala Representative is:
Mr. Young-ryull KIM
To whom the request should be addressed

Attached: Project Concept Paper
Contact: Luis Alberto Guzmán, Projects Adviser